Top 10 Snoring Solutions Sites & Retailers for June 2017
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The Snore Reliever Company has produced the Vital Sleep Snoring Mouthpiece.This product which has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration is an effective answer to snoring problems. Snoring is mostly caused by a partial block of the upper airway behind the tongue and the Vital Stop S... read more >
Snoring is a common problem that can affect people of all ages.  In some cases, snoring can be quite loud and unpleasant.  This problem can cause sleep deprivation to the snorer and even to those around him.  It can also cause decreased libido, lack of focus, irritability and daytime ... read more >
Zyppah is a trademark of Zyppah Inc., a US based company.  The main product manufactured and sold by this company is Zyppah™, a revolutionary, anti-snoring oral device.  The mission of this company is to help people with snoring and apnea problems sleep better.  The device was ... read more >
Stop-snoring-mouthpiece is the US´s largest and most renowned company which provides customers with an Over-the-counter device to prevent snoring. The products given by this company have the following properties: They are easy to fit Easy to wear and non-intrusive Lasts up to a year, econ... read more >
MySnoring Solutions is a company that is committed to providing effective and high quality anti-snoring solutions. The company has developed a device known as MySnoring Solutions Jaw Supporter.  This device has enabled many people to say goodbye to snoring. Snoring is a disorder that aff... read more >
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It appears that all three stop snoring devices can stop or reduce snoring and sleep apnea for some people. Some devices work better for some while a different device works better for others. All of these three companies have a money back guarantee, so you can try their products and if they do not st...
Published by Sam Montana 58 months ago in | +8 votes | 4 comments
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Last answer by Julia David 25 months ago: Causes of grinding teeth are not completely understood. some reasons might include allergies, stress/anxiety, problems sleeping, abnormal bite, or crooked (or missing) teeth. If you are doing it during the day you basically have to tell yourself to stop doing it (or you can rest your tongue on ... read more
Asked by Anne Lim 56 months ago in | 2 answers
Last answer by Bobby Braddock 53 months ago: Yes, I have already tried these strips and similar...without success. But thanks for the tip anyways! read more
Asked by Bobby Braddock 53 months ago in | 2 answers